Health Careers

Program Information

Career Cluster: Health Science
Pathway: Health Care Specialties
DOE Code: 5282
High School Credits: 6
End of Course Assessment: NCHSE Core Foundations
Dual Credits: 6, Ivy Tech HLHS 100 HLHS 101
Offered: A.M. and P.M. sessions
Prerequisites: None
Industry Certifications (National) Available: CPR Certification, Pharmacy Technician


Health Careers is a one year program.The content includes skills common to specific health career topics such as patient nursing care, dental care, medical laboratory, public health, an introduction to health care systems, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology.  Leadership skills developed through HOSA participation are also included. Lab experiences are organized and planned around the activities associated with the student's career objectives. Job seeking and job maintenance skills, personal management skills, self analysis to aid in career selection and completion of the application process for admission into a post secondary program of their choice are also included in this course. Intensive laboratory applications are a required component of this course and may be either school based or on-the-job or a combination of the two.  Work-based experiences in closely related industry settings are strongly encouraged. 

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