Emergency Medical Technician

Program Information

Career Cluster: Public Safety
Pathway: EMT/Paramedic
DOE Code: 5210
High School Credits: 6
End of Course Assessment: Indiana EMT Certification
Dual Credits:  10.5,Ivy Tech PARM 102 HSPS 125
Offered: A.M. and P.M. Some evening and weekend class hours required.
Prerequisites: None
Industry Certifications (National) Available: CPR Certification, First Responder, Indiana EMT Certification


Emergency Medical Servicesprepares students for a State certification which could lead to a career in Emergency Medical Services such as an Emergency Medical Technician or a Paramedic. This course is designed for persons desiring to perform emergency medical care. Students will learn to recognize the seriousness of the patient’s condition, use the appropriate emergency care techniques and equipment to stabilize the patient, and transport them to the hospital.  This course also addresses the handling of victims of hazardous materials accidents. It covers theories, techniques, and operational aspects of pre-hospital emergency care with the scope and responsibility of the basic emergency medical technician. It requires laboratory practice and clinical observation in a hospital emergency room and ambulance. Participation in HOSA affords the student the opportunity to compete in a variety of competitive events, specifically CPR/First Aid and EMT, at both the state and national level.

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