Law Enforcement

Program Information

Career Cluster: Public Safety
Pathway: Criminal Justice
DOE Code: 5822
High School Credits: 6
End of Course Assessment: Dual Credit Assessment
Dual Credits:  9,Vincennes University LAWE 100 S LAWE 160 LAwe 106
Offered: P.M. session only  Some evening and weekend hours are required.
Prerequisites: None
Industry Certifications (National) Required: CPR Certification, NIMS ICS 100, ICS 700


Law Enforcement is a one year course that Introduces specialized classroom and practical experiences related to public safety occupations such as law enforcement, loss prevention services, and homeland security.  This course provides an introduction to the purposes, functions, and history of the three primary parts of the criminal justice system as well as an introduction to the investigative process.  Oral and written communication skills should be reinforced through activities that model public relations and crime prevention efforts as well as the preparation of police reports.  It is recommended that  Law Enforcement  students take EMT as second year course in the Public Safety pathway. 

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