Directory Listing

Photo of Chad Nunley

Chad Nunley


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Photo of Sharon Bone

Sharon Bone

Assistant Director

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Photo of Cindy Burnham

Cindy Burnham


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Photo of Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson

AST Program Instructor

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Photo of Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker

CNA Program Instructor

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Photo of Josh Bonebrake

Josh Bonebrake

IT Director

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Photo of Brianne Bumgardner

Brianne Bumgardner

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Rodney Cline

Rodney Cline

CEO Assistant

Photo of Lauren Day

Lauren Day

Culinary Arts Program Instructor

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Photo of Maureen Egold

Maureen Egold

ECE / HSS Program Instructor

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Photo of Marla Farris

Marla Farris

Outreach Coordinator

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Photo of Ruben Hinners

Ruben Hinners

CSN/CEA Program Instructor

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Photo of Laurie Hyde

Laurie Hyde

HC Program Instructor

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Photo of Charles Inman

Charles Inman

LAW Program Instructor

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Photo of Steve Lindley

Steve Lindley

CEO Program Instructor

Photo of Madison Pershing

Madison Pershing

Director of Student Services

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Photo of Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce

ACT Program Assistant

Photo of Amber Pittman

Amber Pittman

TE/ICE Program Instructor

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Photo of Steve Ray

Steve Ray

AST Program Assistant

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Photo of Victoria Sampson

Victoria Sampson

Welding Program Instructor/WIRED Program Assistant

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Photo of JR Scott

JR Scott

CDL B Instructor

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Photo of Paula Shadwick

Paula Shadwick

Maintenance Director

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Photo of Jimmy Shaw

Jimmy Shaw

Fire and Rescue Program Instructor

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Photo of James Sims

James Sims

Logic/Graphic Design Program Instructor

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Photo of Kaleb Warner

Kaleb Warner

Welding/WIRED Program Instructor

Photo of Rob Worman

Rob Worman

ACT Program Instructor

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Photo of Caitlyn Wyatt

Caitlyn Wyatt

VU Site Coordinator