Program Information

Career Cluster: Health Science
Pathway: Nursing
DOE Code: 5284
High School Credits: 6
End of Course Assessment: Indiana State CNA Certification Exam
Dual Credits 8, Ivy Tech HLHS 100  HLHS 107 
Offered: A.M. and P.M. sessions
Prerequisites: None
Industry Certifications (National) Available: CPR Certification,Certified Nursing Assistant


Certified Nursing Assistant certification prepares you for a career in the field of nursing. In this one year program, you will gain knowledge in safety, medical ethics, universal precautions, infection control methods, basic medical terminology and abbreviations, proper body mechanics, basic medical mathematics, first aid, vital signs, CPR, and basic anatomy and physiology, as well as employability skills. You will also learn appropriate human relations skills, and demonstrate basic health care techniques and professionalism based on medical field standards. An in-school laboratory provides hands-on, simulated experiences. An extended laboratory experience in a hospital and/or nursing home provides clinical exposure to the actual health care work setting.   This is an extension of the in-school laboratory, and pre-planned, educational experiences will be coordinated and evaluated by the school. These activities provide students with the chance to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in the classroom. 

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