LOGIC / Graphic Design


Career Cluster: Computer Science
Pathway: Programming Innovation
DOE Code: 5236
High School Credits: 6
Dual credits: In process
Offered: A.M. session only
Prerequisites: None


LOGIC is a one year course that prepares students for careers in business and industry working with interactive media products and services, which includes the entertainment industries. This course emphasizes the development of digitally generated or computer-enhanced products using multimedia technologies. Students will develop an understanding of professional business practices including the importance of ethics, communication skills, and knowledge of the “virtual workplace”. This course will allow students to have experiences in various software programs involved in creating multimedia presentations, digital movies, digital animation, and introductory scripting. Students will also explore the role of contemporary marketing and design.

Graphic Design

Career Cluster: Arts, AV Technology and Communication

Pathway: Graphic Design and Layout
DOE Code: 5550
High School Credits: 6
Dual Credits: 6, Vincennes University, DESN 120, DESN 155
Offered: P.M. session only
Prerequisites: None


Graphic Design is a one year course that introduces students to the computer's use in visual communication. The focus of the coarse is on mastering the fundamental computer illustration skills, and developing efficient working styles. These skills are then developed by creating work with imaging, video, interactive, and page layout software. The course includes project based experiences that incorporate a variety of visual art techniques as they relate to the design and execution of layouts and illustrations for advertising, displays, promotional materials, and instructional manuals. Communication skills will be emphasized through the study of effective methods used too design products that impart information and ideas.